Infection Control for a Safer World

  • Authorized for Sale by Health Canada
  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • FDA Approved

We Terminate Viruses, Bacteria, Pathogens, Moulds, and Mildew

Guaranteed 99.9999% Success Rate 


Binary Ionization Technology (BIT)

Surfaces are sterilized and ready to use in minutes 

Whether you need to handle a crisis or avoid one, our specialized teams will rapidly sterilize and decontaminate against dangerous airborne and surface pathogens to effectively prevent infection and illness.
Protect your staff, clients, patients, family, friends and the public.

About STER-OL 

STER-OL Infection Control Specialist provides superior disinfection/decontamination services using the most advanced technology on the market. The touch-free application of SteraMist®, is the world’s most effective disinfection system which allows us to safely sterilize any environment, with minimal to no interruption. No clean-up is required before or after treatments, and no residues or odours are left behind.

Our team of certified Infection Control Specialists will respond to emergency outbreaks as well as provide routine service to ensure safe environments. We will create a plan that suits your needs and budget. During the application we wear full PPE to ensure there is no cross-contamination and post-treatment we will validate our efficiency with testing, ensuring successful results. We guarantee that SteraMist® will terminate all viruses, bacteria, pathogens, moulds, and mildew with a 99.9999% success rate. Depending on the size of the area, the application time can vary from minutes to just over an hour! There is no residue, no odour, and the environment is completely safe for you to resume the premises immediately treatment.

We can effectively sterilize your home, business, or vehicle in just one treatment. In high-risk or high-traffic areas (offices, home medical care, restaurants, etc.) regular treatments will help reduce the spread of pathogens such as Salmonella, C. difficile, H1N1 virus (amongst others) more safely and completely than anything on the market today.





  • Houses, townhouses
  • Retirement and Nursing Homes
  • Condominiums, apartments

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  • Hospitals, emergency wards, Walk-in clinic
  • Laboratories, medical centres
  • Doctor & Dentist offices, treatment facilities

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  • Recreation Centres, Gyms, Yoga Studios
  • Hotels, Motels, & Shared Offices and Co-working Spaces
  • Schools, Educational and Childcare Facilities
  • Food Processing and Service Facilities
  • Manufacturing and Packaging plants

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  • Ambulances & emergency vehicles
  • Airplanes & airports
  • Buses, streetcars, subways
  • Taxis, Ubers, Lyft vehicles & car rental agencies

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Thanks STER-OL Infection Control for disinfecting my property you guys were very thorough and professional. Now I get piece of mind and I feel safe thanks to you guys.

Theo P., Condo Owner – Durham Region

STER-OL Infection Control left My Boutique completely disinfected, with no odour or residue. I can reopen with confidence knowing my staff and clients are in a sterile environment.

My Boutique Inc.

Thank you STER-OL Infection Control for your disinfection service – it is greatly appreciated. Your staff was amazing from the front line to the field, very friendly and informative. Thanks again for providing King Academy take the initial steps for the safety of our students, staff and families ⭐Awesome Job⭐ will definitely recommend you!

King Academy Child Care Centre

The STER-OL Infection Control provided us with great service. The technicians were very informative, and the service was very fast allowing us to get back to work with minimal downtime.

Whitchurch-Stouffville Fire Department

Benefits of SteraMist® Technology

  • Superior, leading edge technology
  • 99.9% of bacteria killed
  • Dry mist/fog protects all surfaces against damage
  • Treats hard-to-reach surfaces easily
  • Leaves no residue where applied
  • Fast-acting, safe, and effective
  • Targets both small and large areas
  • Emergency or Routine disinfection
  • SteraMist® Surface Unit is portable
  • Treat equipment, rooms, transport vehicles and more
  • Creates healthier, cleaner environment