Complete Healthcare Disinfecting Service

One of the main concerns about visiting a hospital or treatment facility is that you will be exposed to even more viruses and pathogens. With regular applications of SteraMist®, patients, doctors, and clinicians can be assured they will be in a healthy environment.

The cutting-edge technology of SteraMist® allows our team of infection control experts to sterilize rooms without the risk of any damage or corrosion, even on sensitive medical equipment. The application time is very fast and effective – from just minutes to just over an hour (depending on square footage). We provide our clients with the confidence that their facility is safe for their staff to work, and for their patients.

STER-OL Infection Control Specialist is a trusted partnered with various healthcare-related treatment facilities. It is safely used in (but not limited to): hospitals, medical offices, walk-in offices, dental offices, long-term care facilities, treatment facilities, ambulances, etc.


PPE Recycling

We have developed a fully equipped PPE disinfection unit that can safely reprocess N95 masks and other pieces of PPE equipment. The unit is portable so we can treat your PPE on-site fast and efficiently! We can safely disinfect up to 2,000 N95 masks (or face shields) in just one hour!

Our infection control experts will carefullycollect your PPE equipment and lay it out in the unit on stainless steel shelving. Once set-up, the unit is closed and fumigated with SteraMist® until it is fully pressurized. Once complete the unit is aired out, and the PPE is carefully collected and bagged by our technicians, while wearing full PPE equipment before being returned for reuse.