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What You’ll Learn

How to properly maintain your workplace safety

How to manage your staff and visitors’ safety

How retailers can safely reopen

This webinar is absolutely essential for those who work in the retail space. Whether you operate a storefront, work in a shopping centre, or have an independent customer-facing business, this is the webinar for you.

Meet Your Hosts

With their knowledge and experience, our instructors have prepared an exciting and engaging webinar for you to enjoy.

Natalie Weber

Natalie Weber

Vice-President of Business Development

Before entering the emergency restoration and infection control sector, Natalie came from the insurance industry with a PR and marketing background. She has worked in various operations on both national and international levels within brokerages, loss control as well as digital sales. Natalie has a passion for strong, clear communication and she is committed to providing everyone of her clients with white glove service, cutting-edge technology and healthy environments.

Rich Van Patten

Rich Van Patten


Rich is a Director with the Stores Consulting Group. He has over 20 years of large consulting firm experience and 23 years of industry experience working with a large regional grocer in the northeast where he was primarily focused on store process improvements and Workforce Management. Rich was the Director of Operational Engineering, responsible for all aspects of Workforce Management in a large grocer prior to his most recent experience in the consulting workforce.  His experience in consulting has had him working with many of the largest retailers in the world to solve their most unproductive issues.

Tiana Hoffman

Tiana Hoffman

Senior Solutions Manager

Tiana is the Senior Solutions Manager for GaiaDigits, with experience with Sales, Leadership, Finance, Marketing and Business Development. She is determined to provide an exceptional experience understanding the benefits of GaiaDigits innovation to many businesses in all industries. With her experience in Management, she’s identified the right solution is necessary for an optimal business. Tiana is committed to the delivery of productive WFM solution, user-friendly screening tool, and creative insight for customers to ensure the workplace safety and efficiency.

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