While topics like infection control and sterilization may not be at the forefront of most business strategies, the fact is having a safe, reliable, and dependable way to routinely sterilize your workspace is vital to your business success. Though more Canadians are being vaccinated against COVID-19 every day, case numbers continue to hit record highs as the Third Wave of infections take hold. If the province is to avoid another lockdown, we must all do our part of help stop the spread of dangerous pathogens.

For businesses, maintaining a safe, germ-free experience for customers and staff alike is vital. Routinely sterilizing workspaces means staying open for longer, without worry – that’s just good business. SteraMist® offers four key strengths that benefit your business, preventing the spread of dangerous germs to maintain a healthier, cleaner environment that keeps you open for longer.

1. The Six-Log Kill Rate

There are a few traits that make SteraMist® unlike any other sterilization solution available. First is it’s construction. SteraMist® works by using Bit Ionization Technology (BIT) and a very low (7.8%) Hydrogen Peroxide solution to create a powerful but gentle sterilizing mist. When it comes into contact with germs and pathogens, that mist has a six-log kill rate, meaning it destroys 99.9999% of all germs it encounters in an environment. Over the counter cleaning supplies don’t provide that much protection.


2. Dry Mist Protects All Surfaces from Damage

Thanks to its use of BIT, SteraMist® sterilizes surfaces by using a, well, a mist! This powerful mist slowly expands to cover all surface areas in a given space. Not just desks and tabletops, but even hard to reach surfaces that are typically out of arm’s reach. The use of a mist means that, unlike liquids, sprays, and wipes, SteraMist® is perfect for offices, retailers, restaurants, and other commercial spaces that contain a multitude of surfaces enjoyed by the public. The mist is even safe on sensitive surfaces like electronics and paperwork.


3. Leaves No Residue Where Applied

The power of SteraMist® comes from its application. Taking just seconds, the hydrogen peroxide solution is converted into a fine mist thanks to the cold arc reactor, killing 99.9999% of dangerous pathogens almost immediately to achieve true sterilization. This is different from other branded cleaners you may find at the corner store. Their lower efficacy rate means they can at best provide sanitization or decontamination to a given space. Worse, because they often rely on liquid-based agents, they often leave a residue or film behind on everything they touch.

SteraMist® goes further.

By operating with a strong mist that reaches places other cleaners cannot, SteraMist® can treat over 10,000 sf in an hour without leaving any odours or residue behind. That means more uptime for your business while keeping customers and staff safe.


4. Creates a Healthier, Cleaner Environment with Near-Zero Downtime

Authorized for sale by Health Canada, and approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, and the US Environmental Protection Agency, SteraMist® has been used the world over to create healthier, cleaner environments. Homes and businesses across Ontario have sterilized their spaces with SteraMist® knowing that in doing so they are keeping their spaces germ-free and their friends and loved ones safe.