As Ontario looks cautiously at reopening more retail and business locations this spring, owners, operators, and managers across the province are looking for ways to restart their operations in ways that provide both maximum safety for their customers and maximum opportunity for their business. That’s why STER-OL Infection Control,  in partnership with GaiaDigits Inc., recently hosted Restart Your Retail Business Safely, the first in an ongoing series of webinar discussions designed to help Ontario businesses get set up for success using advanced tools and techniques to keep risk down and customer satisfaction up.

For those who signed up but couldn’t attend, you can watch the entire webinar below.

The Restart Your Retail Business Safely webinar covers a variety of topics vital to business owners, including:

  • Understanding Different Levels of Cleanliness
  • The Benefits of SteraMist® for Your Business
  • Encouraging Shoppers to Visit Your Store with Proper Disinfection
  • Making Your Employees Feel Safe in the Workplace
  • Knowing When to Sterilize

During the lunchtime session, Natalie Weber, Vice-President of Business Development at STER-OL was joined by GaiaDigits’ Senior Solutions Manager, Tiana Hoffman and special guest Rich Van Patten to demonstrate how the superior sterilization qualities of SteraMist® combined with the advanced employee scheduling system of GaiaDigits means that Ontario’s retail businesses can reopen this spring safely and securely, protecting their staff, welcoming back customers, and enjoying a successful shopping season.

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