STER-OL Infection Control Continues to Support Ontario Residents and Businesses

As Ontario continues to weather the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, STER-OL Infection Control continues to provide its decontamination, sterilization, and cleaning services to residents, businesses and medical facilities.

Last May, STER-OL announced it had partnered with AssessMed, a leader in independent medical examination (IME) services to singularly focus on safety solutions for frontline workers by disinfecting beyond provincial standards. The partnership was announced with a press release featured in Canadian Underwriter.

We can safely disinfect any surface area, building or vehicle with minimal downtime,” Peter Sandica, President and CEO of STER-OL Infection Control was quoted as saying at the time. “By protecting staff, business owners are directly contributing to public safety and helping to lead us further down a path of recovery. STER-OL Infection Control aims to enable these leaders and their teams to support Canadians by providing sustainable solutions.”

In the time since announcing the partnership, STER-OL has continued to uphold its commitment to workplace decontamination, residential sterilization, and overall safety. In an effort to support frontline workers, the company built a mobile PPE Disinfection Unit capable of safely reprocessing approximately 2,000 N95 masks in a single hour. This is in addition to STER-OL’s Vehicle Disinfection Centre, where emergency and passenger vehicles can be completely disinfected in just minutes.

These innovations are all powered by SteraMist®, using Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) and a very low (7.8%) Hydrogen Peroxide solution to disinfect surfaces, rooms, buildings, and even vehicles in just minutes.

To learn more about STER-OL’s partnership with AssessMed, click here to read the original press release. And be sure to click below to get a free quote to disinfect your home, workplace, or vehicle today.