Going Behind the Scenes of the Power of SteraMist®

Authorized for sale by Health Canada, and approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency, SteraMist® is the best disinfectant solution used on a global scale to protect against dangerous pathogens. Known for its power, fast application, and its efficiency against a broad spectrum of hard-to-kill pathogens, SteraMist® is trusted to sterilize even the most hard to reach surfaces and most sensitive items.

Top Features

  • No wiping or rinsing required
  • Leaves no residue behind
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Free of bleach, chlorine, and silver ion
  • Non-corrosive with superior material compatibility
  • Able to treat sensitive electronic equipment

How It Works

SteraMist® has a rich and powerful history protecting against pathogens. Using ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™) technology, SteraMist® can reach surfaces traditional disinfectants, sprays, and wipes simply cannot. The cold plasma arc converts the solution into a fine mist capable of sterilizing surfaces in seconds, while leaving no residue or mess to clean up.

The Results

With this power in hand, SteraMist® is the easiest, most effective way to protect any home, office, and even large public spaces from hard-to-kill pathogens. Not only does this mean reduced downtime for businesses and retailers, but peace-of-mind at home knowing where you rest is free of germs.

As you review your safety checklist this winter, keep in mind the ultimate safeguard against unwanted microscopic visitors at home, and the best way to keep your employees, coworkers, and customers safe at work.

Get the power of SteraMist® wherever you find yourself this season. Start with a free quote today.