A new year brings with it new possibilities, and the potential for greater business success. After companies the world over were left scrambling to adjust their practices last year, 2021 offers business owners, managers, and operators the chance to hit the reset button, strengthening their relationship with employees and creating new experiences for customers and clients.

If you’re looking to build up your business success this year, use these 3 tips to kickstart your 2021 goals.


1. Improve Remote Work Offerings

2020 proved just how resilient businesses, and their employees, can be. Almost overnight workplaces of all types adjusted themselves to suit a new environment that prioritized new public health and safety guidelines. For many, this meant giving workers the ability to work remotely wherever possible.

While the shift may have been abrupt, it’s clear that it is also here to stay in 2021 as public safety remains a top priority. This means businesses must continue to improve the remote work experience for their workers. Begin with the basics: update company policies to support this new work-from-home mindset, including privacy and data policies. Then, go one step further by enforcing a regular work routine, complete with breaks and a reasonable cut-off time, to ensure employees to overextend themselves. This will ensure employees don’t suffer from the fatigue that can set in with spending long hours in front of a computer screen. If possible, have your business invest in tools and technology to encourage teamwork and collaboration – including casual chats, video hangouts, and more. Helping your team enjoy some social time as they typically would in person can lead to better, more productive work hours and keep people feeling motivated.


2. Enhance Online Customer Interactions

While some of your colleagues and employees begin the new year working remotely, customers and clients are relying on company websites, social media, and digital storefronts now more than ever. In order to make sure your business is capturing that interest and attention, make sure you review and update your company’s website, ensuring its ready to handle that increased traffic to turn visitors into customers. Using your online presence effectively can be a significant boon to any business’s financial health.


3. Ensure A Safe In-Person Experience

Of course, though these strategies are useful, not every business can be completely digital or full remote. Many workers, whether in offices, shops, or retailers, will still need to meet with customers face-to-face, and many customers will still visit businesses when it’s safe to do so. For these reasons, it’s absolutely vital that every business in 2021 do its best to provide a safe, smooth, and enjoyable in-person experience as well.

Start with our workplace prep guide for 2021. This will give you some ways to kickstart your company’s new year’s operations. Once you’ve updated your workspace, STER-OL’s customer tips demonstrate a few ways businesses can build strong customer experiences while maintaining health and safety measures that align with public recommendations. The most important thing to remember is to ensure customers and employees like feel safe while in the workplace. That starts with a safe and clean environment. So be sure to require face masks for everyone in your business, offer hand sanitizer at entrances and exits, and have the entire area disinfected with SteraMist®. By sterilizing your business with SteraMist®, you can proudly demonstrate your company’s commitment to public safety, showing that your business is ready to take on the challenges of the new year and is set up for success. With SteraMist®, your workplace will have cutting edge protection with a tool that:

  • Kills pathogens on contact
  • Applied in seconds, effective in minutes
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Authorized for sale by Health Canada
  • Safe for sensitive materials (paperwork, electronics, etc.)
  • Fast-acting, effective, and safe

Make sure your business is ready to meet the challenges of 2021. Click below to get your free quote to clean your space with SteraMist® today.