There are a lot of cleansers out there that purport to be the best. They all look the same, list similar features, and claim to be the right tool for you to use to sterilize your home or workplace. But how do they actually perform?

Let’s look at how the competition compares to the power of SteraMist®.

1. Application Time

One of the most frequently asked questions about any decontamination solution is how long will it take to apply? It’s a fair question. Not only do clients want to know their home or workplace will be disinfected quickly for their own health and safety, but they also want to ensure the area is treated with minimal downtime or disruption to their day.

This is the first advantage of using SteraMist® to sterilize any space at home or work. Originally developed by the US Military, SteraMist® was designed to quickly neutralize dangerous pathogens like anthrax. By taking advantage of the unique cold plasma arc system, SteraMist® deploys a fine mist of very low Hydrogen Peroxide solution (iHP) to cover any surface area in seconds. 

By contrast, competing products that use liquids and sprays not only take longer to apply, but they can have difficulty reaching small, cramped, or irregular surfaces.

This is just one advantage of using SteraMist® in your home or at work.


2. The Sterilization Experience

As you can see from the video demonstration above, SteraMist® can be applied much faster and further than other decontamination products. But this is not the only advantage. In fact, one of the most compelling aspects of treating your home, workplace, or even vehicle with SteraMist® is its gentle touch. Approved for sale by Health Canada and 100% eco-friendly, SteraMist® safely decontaminates any surface in seconds without leaving behind any odour or residue. After having your area cleaned, it can be immediately ready for use once again.

Take another look at the competing product in the video. Notice how much liquid residue is left behind on the glass surface, requiring additional clean up. This contributes to longer downtime.

SteraMist® offers superior sterilization against dangerous pathogens without causing work stoppages, slowdowns, or delays.


3. Safe on Sensitive Material

This last point is crucial to understanding not only the sterilization power but the versatility of  SteraMist® in everyday spaces. Because SteraMist® doesn’t leave behind any residue, it can safely be applied to all surfaces without fear that it will harm sensitive items. This is especially good for office and commercial spaces, where paper, electronics, and other delicate materials may be scattered throughout the space. With SteraMist®, you can rest assured that these and other items will be sterilized from harmful germs and bacteria on the spot without concern for damage or degradation.

These are just a few of the many benefits of decontaminating your space with SteraMist®. To learn more click or call to get a free quote from one of our specialists today.