This week, STER-OL Infection Control proudly joined 150 other industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders at the 19th Annual Vaughan Business Expo, presented by Allstate Canada. 

“It was a very impressive virtual experience. I found it well organized, the industry experts were very insightful and it provided us with a wonderful opportunity to network,” said Natalie Weber, Vice President of Sales at STER-OL Infection Control. “STER-OL made some great connections and contacts within the Vaughan business community.”

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s expo was held virtually, marking a first in the event’s nearly two-decade history. However, the change in format didn’t dampen the entrepreneurial spirit of attendees, as, together with the City of Vaughan, community members joined one another for a day of workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. 

“I want to thank everyone who participated in the City of Vaughan’s 19th annual Vaughan Business Expo,” said Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua. “The Vaughan spirit is ready, resilient and resourceful. We remain focused on the path forward.”

The City of Vaughan is home to 19,000 companies that employ more than 227,000 people.  That energy was on display during the expo, as members from across the city joined each other in events and conversations virtually, including with STER-OL to learn more about how the company is able to reduce risk and help boost business uptime, productivity and customer safety by providing superior sterilization and decontamination services to businesses of all sizes.

“We don’t disinfect, we sterilize. Our no touch-solution SteraMist®, can treat any surface and even purify the air. Not only are we providing regular services for transmission mitigation, we also have the ability to sterilize HVAC systems and duct work, which only push contaminated viral particles around the environment unknowingly,” said Weber. “With SteraMist®, businesses in Vaughan and across Ontario can continue operating safely and successfully.”

A provider of a crucial sterilization service during the pandemic, STER-OL Infection Control is deeply connected to local business communities. In addition to the City of Vaughan, STER-OL has recently struck new partnerships, including with GaiaDigits to offer enhanced sterilization services to companies, as well as Daedalus Safety Group to continue to deliver superior sterilization and safety services to its clients.

As spring quickly approaches, businesses across Ontario will be looking to take advantage of the warmer weather to provide a better retail, restaurant, or purchasing experience to customers of all stripes in a safe way. With SteraMist®, STER-OL Infection Control can help bring those experiences to light with minimal downtime or business interruption



For more information, please contact:

Natalie Weber
VP – Business Development
STER-OL Infection Control
[email protected]


About STER-OL Infection Control Specialist

STER-OL Infection Control Specialist provides superior disinfection/decontamination services using the most advanced technology on the market. The touch-free application of SteraMist®, is the world’s most effective disinfection system which allows us to safely sterilize any environment, with minimal to no interruption. No clean-up is required before or after treatments, and no residues or odours are left behind.

  • First developed by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in response to the 2001 Anthrax Attacks
  • Further developed for the purpose of neutralization of hard to kill spores
  • International used in the global fight to eradicate Ebola 2015 and MERS in Seoul South Korea
  • SteraMist® is proven to kill all known bacteria, spores and inactivate all known viruses on surface by a “six log” or 99.9999% reduction