4 Business Advantages of Using SteraMist®

4 Business Advantages of Using SteraMist®

While topics like infection control and sterilization may not be at the forefront of most business strategies, the fact is having a safe, reliable, and dependable way to routinely sterilize your workspace is vital to your business success. Though more Canadians are being vaccinated against COVID-19 every day, case numbers continue to hit record highs as the Third Wave of infections take hold. If the province is to avoid another lockdown, we must all do our part of help stop the spread of dangerous pathogens.

For businesses, maintaining a safe, germ-free experience for customers and staff alike is vital. Routinely sterilizing workspaces means staying open for longer, without worry – that’s just good business. SteraMist® offers four key strengths that benefit your business, preventing the spread of dangerous germs to maintain a healthier, cleaner environment that keeps you open for longer.

1. The Six-Log Kill Rate

There are a few traits that make SteraMist® unlike any other sterilization solution available. First is it’s construction. SteraMist® works by using Bit Ionization Technology (BIT) and a very low (7.8%) Hydrogen Peroxide solution to create a powerful but gentle sterilizing mist. When it comes into contact with germs and pathogens, that mist has a six-log kill rate, meaning it destroys 99.9999% of all germs it encounters in an environment. Over the counter cleaning supplies don’t provide that much protection.


2. Dry Mist Protects All Surfaces from Damage

Thanks to its use of BIT, SteraMist® sterilizes surfaces by using a, well, a mist! This powerful mist slowly expands to cover all surface areas in a given space. Not just desks and tabletops, but even hard to reach surfaces that are typically out of arm’s reach. The use of a mist means that, unlike liquids, sprays, and wipes, SteraMist® is perfect for offices, retailers, restaurants, and other commercial spaces that contain a multitude of surfaces enjoyed by the public. The mist is even safe on sensitive surfaces like electronics and paperwork.


3. Leaves No Residue Where Applied

The power of SteraMist® comes from its application. Taking just seconds, the hydrogen peroxide solution is converted into a fine mist thanks to the cold arc reactor, killing 99.9999% of dangerous pathogens almost immediately to achieve true sterilization. This is different from other branded cleaners you may find at the corner store. Their lower efficacy rate means they can at best provide sanitization or decontamination to a given space. Worse, because they often rely on liquid-based agents, they often leave a residue or film behind on everything they touch.

SteraMist® goes further.

By operating with a strong mist that reaches places other cleaners cannot, SteraMist® can treat over 10,000 sf in an hour without leaving any odours or residue behind. That means more uptime for your business while keeping customers and staff safe.


4. Creates a Healthier, Cleaner Environment with Near-Zero Downtime

Authorized for sale by Health Canada, and approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, and the US Environmental Protection Agency, SteraMist® has been used the world over to create healthier, cleaner environments. Homes and businesses across Ontario have sterilized their spaces with SteraMist® knowing that in doing so they are keeping their spaces germ-free and their friends and loved ones safe.

4 Small Business Innovations for 2021

4 Small Business Innovations for 2021

With most regions in Ontario currently operating under Grey or Red Zone public health conditions, businesses everywhere are readying themselves for a spring season unlike any that has come before it. Having just crossed the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are rethinking how they can deliver their products and services with long-term staff, customer, and corporate health in mind. The changing mindset is letting companies of all kinds deliver some creative solutions that everyone can learn from.

Below you’ll find 4 ways small businesses are innovating their way to success in 2021.

1. Hold Virtual Classes or Workshops

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many businesses were left scrambling to translate their core offerings into new decentralized and completely online formats. For many small businesses that provided services locally, the reduction in physical overhead and expanded reach to folks at home often proved to be a boon. Fast forward a few months later, and virtual, contact-less delivery is the new norm, with many often preferring to to go this route over visiting a physical location.

For businesses, that means refocusing efforts on delivering a great virtual experience for anything, whether it be classes, workshops, or online-only events. Last month, STER-OL Infection Control attended the first Virtual Business Expo with the City of Vaughan in a great example of how entire townships are rethinking virtual space. Companies of all sizes would do well to invest in building out this area.

2. Rapid Customer Service Responses

Being responsive to customer desires will always be a core principle for success. When people were encouraged to stay home to prevent the spread of illness, many found themselves with more time to browse, shop, and buy online, and that meant increased workload for businesses and their customer support staff. Anyone who has ever sat on hold for too long can tell you what a frustrating experience this can be.

Through social media and automated systems, however, small businesses helped lead the way to a new style of customer service. By being attentive, responsive, and engaging with customers on a first-hand basis, many businesses found a path to increased success during the pandemic. How can your business leverage these same tools to build capacity?

3. Pop-up Office Spaces

Sometimes, meeting in person is still the best way to make progress. That’s okay! As long as proper precautions are taken and guidelines are followed, there’s no reason why people can’t come together safely to complete and transaction or host a brainstorming session. Many businesses, however, are using this moment to rethink their office layouts and their corporate footprint. This has given rise to the pop-up office: a temporary space meant for only a few use-cases, where employees and customers can safely mingle for a specific reason or event before closing down. Pop-ups were often used to build hype for a product launch or campaign, but are now finding new life during COVID-19. Done correctly, they can be alluring to staff and customers alike.

4. Rethink Workplace Health & Safety

Traditional storefronts and office spaces certainly haven’t gone away, but they are being redefined. Changes to capacity, seating, and style are remaking the on-site experience – with hygiene being the central focus. While plastic barriers, hand sanitizer, and physical distancing remain crucial in overcoming the spread of illness, businesses must remain vigilant when it comes to keeping spaces clean and sterilized.

For its part, STER-OL Infection Control recently announced two new partnerships, one with GaiaDigits Inc., and another with A-TECH Engineering Ltd. to continue to offer enhanced sterilization services across the province. By taking advantage of SteraMist®, the most advanced sterilization product available, we have been able to help countless businesses keep their staff safe, their customers happy, and their businesses operating smoothly with almost zero downtime. Whether you operate a storefront, office space, or larger commercial facility, SteraMist® is the one innovation that companies big and small can use to see their way to success this spring.

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How to Sterilize Your Home or Office with Almost Zero Downtime

How to Sterilize Your Home or Office with Almost Zero Downtime

Whether you’re spending more time at home or continuing to go to an office this winter, everyone deserves peace of mind knowing that their environment is safe for themselves, their families, and their coworkers. Knowing that your space is free from germs, viruses, and bacteria will allow you to focus on what matters most this season.

There are several ways that homes, offices, and businesses can be sterilized to offer protection from dangerous pathogens. Here are a few things to keep in mind when wanting to decontaminate your home or office, including one option that offers virtually no downtime.

At Home

Your home should be your safe haven, a place of rest. It is important to remember that disinfection is crucial to reducing the risk of virus transmission for everyone in the home. Start with the little things. Ensuring everyone washes their hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds can reduce the spread of pathogens. Going one step further, cleaning frequently touched surfaces  like tables, doorknobs, light switches, and appliances with soap and water can reduce the number of germs, dirt, and impurities on those surfaces.

But this alone is not a complete solution, as germs may remain on surfaces at home despite taking these actions. Using disinfectants on surfaces around the house can do more to kill germs, but depending on the type of disinfectant used and how, it can be very difficult to ensure every surface is thoroughly sterilized from dangerous pathogens.

At Work

Outside of the home, offices and workplaces can be susceptible to the spread of viruses and pathogens. These spaces include office buildings, retailers, restaurants, schools, and entertainment complexes – areas that are frequented by crowds. Keeping the workplace clean while it’s open means keeping your customers safe and happy. While some of these spaces may have dedicated cleaning services that attend to them, the volume and frequency of people passing through can make them difficult to keep sterilized on a regular basis. Moreover, providing a deep clean to offices, businesses, and retailers through these traditional means can lead to significant downtime, potentially hurting the organization’s productivity and profitability.

How to Sterilize Your Space with Almost No Downtime

Whether you’re staying home or going to work, there is one way you can sterilize your space against dangerous pathogens in a way that is fast, effective, and has virtually no downtime: SteraMist®.

Applied in seconds and effective in just minutes, SteraMist® is unlike any other cleaning product on the market. Originally developed by the US Military to fight against bioterrorism, SteraMist® uses cutting edge Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) and a very low (7.8%) Hydrogen Peroxide solution to create a fine mist that kills dangerous pathogens on contact, reaching even the most difficult places in any home, office, or commercial space.

Why Use SteraMist® to Clean Your Space:

  • Proven to eliminate pathogens
  • Disinfection in 5 seconds
  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • Authorized for sale by Health Canada, approved by the US FDA and EPA
  • Touch-free application
  • Leaves no odours or residue, and safe on sensitive items

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